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What is a UAM?

What is a UAM?

A UAM, short for Under Attack Mode, is the page which is presented when large amounts, or unusal traffic is detected to your site. This typically requires the user to move their mouse or click on the screen, to bypass the UAM screen, acting as an additional protection measure for your site. By default, with the Firewall ($6.99) and Premium Plan ($14.99), this includes the vShield Branded UAM. If you wish to customise this UAM, with your own logo, or custom html page, we charge $5 per month to add and maintain this. As such, you are able to purchase our $11.99 Firewall + Custom UAM plan or our $19.99 Premium + Custom UAM plan. To purchase, or upgrade your existing plan, please visit our Discord Server.

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Updated on: 17/09/2021

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