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Which locations are available?

Which locations are available?

Great question! We offer several different server plans, including VDS, VDS Pro and VPS plans which are all great for different things:

*VDS Servers (VDS1/VDS2/VDS3) - These plans are great for single thread performance and feature our best Anti-DDOS protection. They are available in Canada in France, and can be installed either with Windows Server 2016 or Debian 10. Custom Operating Systems can be installed on request, for a Custom Installation Fee of $5.

*VDS Pro Servers (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Diamond/Enterprise) - These are our most popular plans, which provide amazing perfomance, helping you to get tasks done. They are available in Europe, which includes randomly being assigned to Lithuania, Finland and Germany. They are installed with Windows Server 2019.

*VPS Servers (Small/Medium/Large/Extra Large) - These are our cheapest plans, which offer a great ratio of performance to price. They are available in USA, UK and Canada and are installed with Windows Server 2019.

Please note, root access is provided for all plans.

vShield Services can be found by visiting

Updated on: 03/09/2021

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