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Are your services offline?

Are your services offline?

We are sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with one of our services. To check for outages (both planned and unplanned) across our VDS/VDS Pro/VPS, Web Hosting and Dedicated Server nodes, please visit All outages are automatically detected and updated on the status page. If no known outage is occuring, you may be facing a server specific issue, in which case you should reach out to our Support for further assistance.

If the service in question is one of our VDS/VDS Pro/VPS servers, follow these instructions to check whether the node has an outage:
Login to the Control Panel by visiting
Select the "Manage" button next to the relevant server
The node, alongside other server information will be displayed. Click on the node to be redirected to our Status Page. Alternatively, you can visit Then check to see if the node your server is hosted on is currently experiencing an outage.

vShield Services can be found by visiting

Updated on: 04/09/2021

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